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Wow, j’ai finalement pu voir la Joconde, sauf que nous n’étions vraiment pas seuls, il y avait milliers de personnes avec nous. Hereusement nous sommes aussi allé aux Tuileries ou c’étais plus calme.

I say the Mona Lisa! Only it was us and a zillon people, but fortunatly, we went to the Tuileries gardens after and it was much more peaceful.

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Aug 3, 2010 at 17:41

You sure seem to have seen a lot! I bet you are having a great time. Have you eaten the top off a baguette? And I bet your eyes are big when you see all the tempting treats in the windows of the patisseries. Maman told me that you made some friends at the park, What are their names? Will be looking forward to hearing more about your adventures.



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