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Christian R. Meloche

70 rue du Calvados
Gatineau, Québec, Canada
+1 (613) 482-9800


Table of Contents


1.1 Languages and Security Clearance


2.0  Founder and Administrator, CREDIL Research Centre
2.1  Vice President, INFOGLOBE / Techno Centre, Québec, Canada
2.2  Embedded Systems Designer for Live Television Broadcasts
2.3  Director, Cegonha Technologies, Beauceville (Qc), Canada
2.4  International IT Director, Netscape Communications Corporation / AOL Time Warner, Paris, France and London UK
2.6  Regional Systems Manager, Department of foreign Affairs, Canadian Embassy, Paris France
2.6  Consultant, Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada
2.7  Consultant, Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples
2.8  President, Axyphius Inc.
2.9  Consultant, Transport-Canada
2.10  Consultant, Les Services Polymétriques de Hull inc.
2.11 Owl Images Ottawa, (On), Canada
2.12 Land Surveyers and Notaries in the Ottawa area.
2.14 Alary, St-Pierre, Durocher et Germain Hull ( Qc)
2.14 Canada Uniticket inc. Ottawa (On)
2.15 Valley Micro Ottawa (On)., Canada
2.16 Ordinateur 2000. Hull, (Qc), Canada

3 EDUCATION            
4 Professional & Personal Activities

5 Technical Summary
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1 - Profile and CV at a Glance

Christian Meloche has over 20 years of experience in Information Technology. He is President and founder of CREDIL, He has been Vice President of Operations and R&D,He has been and International Operations Director, Manager of Information Systems, Project Leader, Network Administrator, Analyst and Programmer.

He has worked in both the private and public sector in organisations such as Foreign Affairs Canada, Netscape Communications Corporations, AOL, Time Warner,  fulfilling roles in upper management, middle management, sales, support, consulting and training.

Chris has strong abilities to convert complex concepts from everyday operations into the latest technology while keeping in mind the people who will be using these new tools. His strongest ability is linking concepts to real life.

He can incorporate the many needs within an organization and then transposing them into a computer environment made for the people who will be using the solutions. He can then take this integrated system and apply it so that the transition is productive and efficient.

Christian has a strong personality, and takes his work to heart and always looks for new challenges. Sometimes an idealist, he works for goals that he believes in. He is very tolerant of differences but very demanding on those who work for him.

Chris is both technicaly strong and a talented hands-on manager roles. He has considerable experience in the following:

  • Technical Management, including mentoring and training of staff (Netscape required that managers and directors be technical leaders)

  • Management necessities: budgets and HR stuff

  • Speaks and writes in both English and French perfectly ( Chris went to University in both languages, is married to an Anglophone, lived in France for 8 years, and worked for American companies for 6)

  • Business travel ( Chris had staff in 17 countries and did over 130 flights a year)

  • Technical negotiation and internal sales applied to large migrations and merger requirement. This skill meant that Chris had to convince employees at several level from the highly technical staff to high level VPs.

  • Linux, Networking, Hardware, C, C++, most flavours of Linux/Unix Shell scripting.

  • Linux/Unix Systems Administration Chris has been a user and administrator of Linux systems for 8 years and Unix for over 10 years.

  • Real World Computer Interaction. Chris has lots of experience in connecting the real world to the virtual one. Using AD/DA interface and glueware techniques he has successfully built interface to control and sense the real world. His work ranges from audio line processing for live television broadcast to notorious hacks to fix Nortel Meridian voice menu systems and early speech recognition systems.

1.1 Languages and Security Clearance:

Languages: French , English. Security clearance: SECRET Level II, Canada, since 1993 (needs to be renewed, worked for Foreign Affairs and the Canadian Embassy)


2.0  Founder and Administrator at CREDIL Centre for Research and Experimental Development in Informatics Libre.

September 2008 to present

Planned since 2003, CREDIL came to life in 2008 from a need to introduce a new way to do software innovation brought on by Software Libre such as Linux. In the spririt of Open Source development, CREDIL is a non profit company dispatching software developement from sponsor members. The Centre has offices, labs and meeting rooms in Gatineau, Québec, Canada, it currently manages projects for 6 sponsor members.


2.1 Vice President Operations & RD,  INFOGLOBE / Software Libre Techno Centre, 

Québec, Montréal & Ottawa

September 2006 to August 2008

Responsible for the expansion of the "Techno Centre Logiciels Libres (TC2L)" from it's Québec City and Montréal operations to Ottawa. The TC2L is the largest Software Libre consultancy firm in Canada with nealy 100 employees. Clients include major government departments.


2.2 Embedded Systems Designer for Pharmaceutical Conferences

Technical Director Meloche Television  October 2004 to August  2006

Using skills acquired over the past two decades and taking advantage of the incredible possibilities and stability offered by Open Software such as the Linux Operating system, I have been designing embedded devices such as a multi-site controller for live television broadcasts use by pharmaceutical companies for conferences. 


Meloche Television Business Card

2.3 Cegonha Technologies, Beauceville (Qc), Canada

Strategic Director March 2003 to September 2004

Responsible for the business development of a GNU/Linux support and integration company. At the eve of the Linux Boom in North-America and learning from the European Linux experience, the challenge was to steer the company in the right direction. Work involves sales, technology evangelisation, process and quality assurance deployment. Projects included Video conferencing systems, internet firewalls, file and mail servers deployment.

Cegonha Technologies Business Card

2.4 Netscape Communications Corporation / AOL Time Warner, Paris, France and London UK

July 1997 February 2003

Director of Operations, International (AOL / Time Warner )

August 2000 to February 2003

Responsible for the International Information Systems Operations for AOL in Europe & Asia. Overviewed the installation of new offices. Project included office opening and expansion, preparation and negotiation of budgets, establishment of uniform and coherent information systems procedures, negotiation with vendors, telecom system deployment, hiring and management of a 43 employees. Job was composed of corporate relationships with US Head Quarter teams, as well as negotiations with the different "client" department heads in the field.

Senior Manager of International I.S. Operations (Netscape)

May 1999 to August 2000

Responsible for the International Information Systems Operations for Netscape in Europe & Asia. Overviewed the installation and closure of offices. and management of a 14 member technical team.

Manager IS Operations based in Paris, France

May1998 to April 1999

Regional Systems Administrator Europe Based in Paris, France

July 1997 to April 1998

Netscape Business Cards

2.5 Department of foreign Affairs, Canadian Embassy, Paris France

Regional Systems Administrator, Africa, Middle-East and Europe February 1995 to June 1997

Supporting 17 LANs that are part of the Canadian government 110 LAN WAN. Project consisted in co-ordinating the remote technical support, site visits and training for system administrators of small embassies in a region spanning from Tanzania to Finland and Nigeria to The United Arab Emirates. Each LAN was composed of 15 to 30 workstations. The Technology used was Windows for Workgroup Workstations, and file servers. The Wan connection was done via Synoptics concentrators and CISCO routers over VSAT links. Protocol used is TCP/IP to link each node to a UNIX server in Paris running Olivetti Ibysys X400 email, to the rest of the WAN & the internet.

2.6 Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada

Systems & Network Analyst Signet Design Team June 1993 to January 1995

Design and programming of system utilities and network management tools. The tools are now used to automate network tasks and serve the 9000+ nodes worldwide. Project included "Workstation Network Installation Software", performed under Microsoft Lan Manager Network operating system in Borland C++ for the Workstations component and in Unix C and Shell for the Server components.

Foreign Affairs Business Card

2.7 Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples

Systems analyst May - June 1993

Multi-user database accounting and statistical software. Invoice tracking software programmed in Clipper 5.2 used to control accounts payable flow. This software helped the Royal Commission to establish a more efficient accounts payable departments.

2.8 Axyphius Inc.

President November 1989-January 1993

President of a small computer company serving the Canadian capital professionals and retailers. The company's main achievement was the sale, Installation, configuration and programming of computers and local area networks. Many specialized projects were carried out in diverse field from Underwater computer controlled camera systems, to case management systems for lawyers.

Axyphius Business Card

2.9 Transport-Canada

Computer programmer Spring 1989

At Railway Safety, created the Dangerous Goods and Car Equipment Information System. Programmed in Clipper, this Multi-user database was deployed for use across Canada.

Veritaaq Business Card

2.10 Les Services Polymétriques de Hull inc.

Network Administrator Fall 1988

2.11 Owl Images Ottawa, (On), Canada

Programmer May-September 1988

2.12 Land Surveyers and Notaries in the Ottawa area.

Database Programmer Spring 1988

2.13 Alary, St-Pierre, Durocher et Germain Hull ( Qc)

Programmer February 1984 -April 1987

2.14 Canada Uniticket inc. Ottawa (On)

Programmer Winter 1987

2.15 Valley Micro Ottawa (On)., Canada

Technician Summer 1986

2.16     Ordinateur 2000, Hull (Qc)., Canada

Junior Sales clerk - Weekends 1982-1983

Pomtronique Business Card

Ordinateur 2000 - Business Card


  • AOL University, Dulles, Virginia, Advance Management, April 2002

  • HMC Communications, Time Management, Paris, France, March 2000

  • Learning Tree Corporation, Ottawa ,Ontario, Canada. Advanced Networking under Unix, February 1995

  • August 1993 Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Computer and Philosophy Conference (CAP) AI, data modelling, computer ethics

  • 1987-1993 University of Ottawa, Canada B.A. Philosophy of science Curriculum included Science, Logic, Business, Economics and Communications. Extra Curriculum included Télé-Campus as a video editor and technical director.

  • 1987-1988 University of Ottawa, Canada Q-year, Science Curriculum included Chemistry, Physics, Calculus. Extra-Curriculum "La Rotonde" French weekly newspaper

  • 1986-87 École secondaire André-Laurendeau Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Public School, courses in French.

  • 1984-86 Immaculata High School Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Private School, courses in English.

  • 1980-83 Séminaire du Sacré-Coeur, Pointe-aux-Chênes, Québec, Canada. Private Boarding school, curriculum in French.



4 Professional & Personal Activities

  • Member of GOSLING Getting Open Source Logic INto Governments.

  • Member of FACIL, pour l'appropriation collective de l'informatique libre.

  • GNU/Linux Install Fest organiser and volunteer

  • Travels: from Vancouver to New York, from San Francisco to Halifax, from Stockholm to Johannesburg, from Lagos to Hanoi and Singapore to Kuwait.

  • Sports, swimming, sailing, cycling & kiting

5 - Technical Summary



Very comfortable in most aspect: User, Administration, Develpment,  Philosophy, Licensing …



GCC mostly POSIX code



Long time ago with Borland

Shells (bash…)


Bash, C-Shell, Korn Shell …

Networking Hardware


Cisco, Alcatel,



dBase, Clipper, MySQL, Posgresql



VoIP, VoFrame, Nortel Meridian, Meridian Mail … CISCO, Asterix

PC/Server Hardware


SCSI,SATA, PCI, redundant power supplies, power & aircon requirements, AMD, INTEL …

Server administration


DHCP, Samba, sendmail, RC boot process, cron …

HTML, Javascript


Scripting of webpages

Internet protocols & Tools



AD/DA hardware and software


Labjack, RS-232 interfacing, Joystick and printer port interfacing, Keyboard interface modifications, sound port interfacing…C routines to control all these.

Audio and video processing


Movement detector, video processing, Remote video cameras systems…

Bayonne, Motion, Motiontrack, V4L, FFMEG, VideoLAN….